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We find out that the Jedi Temple was bombed by a Kage Warrior, CIS Captain Rackham Sear of Quarzite. In a flashback, a different Kage told General Kleeve about having paid Cad Bane to provide him with the specs for the Jedi Temple. This leads me to believe that this takes place after The Clone Wars episode Holocron Heist. Billaba manages to use the Force to keep the two liquids within the chambers of a detonator from going off, which is actually pretty cool. Sear escapes, but I am sure that he will be seen again. I also thought that it was great seeing Cin Drallig, and I even recognized him before his name was mentioned, thus showing that the artwork is spot-on. Dume becomes Billabas padawan and, three weeks after the bombing, goes with her to Kardoa after getting his lightsaber and meets Commander Grey and Captain Styles, whose known fates make this newfound friendship tragic.Now, I did have some confusion. The opening crawl says, Caleb recalls Master Billaba, who on her mission against General Grievous led a battalion that suffered ninety percent casualties. After Lando #2, I never know whether or not to trust the opening crawl. In the previous issue, a padawans remark about Billaba having faced Grievous seemed to come across a mere rumor since her coma appeared to allude to the events of Shatterpoint, a novel that does neither features nor mentions Grievous. However, at the beginning of that novel, Billaba has been on Haruun-Kal for four months. So it is possible that she was originally sent there and faced Grievous as assigned or taken by surprise. I wonder whether or not the next issue will clear this up since Grievous appears on the cover. However, the cover shows him facing Caleb Dume, and I hate seeing Grievous unable to defeat padawans, just like when he faced Ahsoka in The Clone Wars. I am worried about Shatterpoint being completely retconned, but I also remember that the novel is reminiscent of the Vietnam War. The title of this arc, First Blood, is reminiscent of the story of John Rambo being unstable when he returns home from Vietnam. The title of the arc made me think that this would be about Calebs first kill during the Clone Wars, but maybe it refers to Depa Billaba having parallels with the John Rambo character. So I believe that there is hope for Shatterpoint to not be dismissed.

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