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I loved Allen Says true story of the first Chinese bullfighter. The son of Chinese immigrants, Billy Wong grew up in Arizona. His father is a grocer who tells Billy In America you can be anything you want to be. Not wanting to be a grocer like his father, Billy dreams of becoming a basketball player. When his height becomes an issue, Billy becomes an engineer like his brother. Billy goes to Spain on vacation and discovers his new dream is to become a bullfighter. He is told over and over again that only Spaniards can be real Matadors. Billy does not let his dream die and he becomes El Chino, the Chinese Matador.El Chino deals with overcoming stereotypes. Billy doesnt let the Spaniards squash his dream of becoming a Matador. This is also a book about pride. Billy is proud of his Chinese heritage. He high self esteem and hard work lead Billy to become the first Chinese matador.El Chino would be a great book to use in an author study. Allen Say has written several books about Asian immigrants in America. His books deal with cross-cultural experiences.

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