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Having grown up with Dahls superb childrens stories (and the Revolting Rhymes, which I enjoyed reading to my children possibly more than they enjoyed hearing them!), and remembering with fondness the TV adaptation of Tales of the Unexpected (which I recalled as being clever, dark and mysterious), I expected great things from this book of short stories, based, as the title reveals, on teh subject of Deception. The production (it was an audiobook) was excellent - with some top-drawer narrators (Juliet Stevenson, Stephen Mangan, Derek Jacobi, Richard Griffiths et al). But the stories were a great disappointment- nicely enough told, but pedestrian and ultimately unsurprising. There was little mystery and no surprise - I waited in vain for the killer twists in the tail - but the stories just ended ... I suspect the collection has not really stood the test of time - and we have become used to faster and darker plot development. Short story telling is a real art (someone like Nicola Barker is among the best), with not a single word wasted, every detail needing to play its part. Deception sadly fell well short.

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